Used Oil Filter Collections and Recycling

We collect and recycle (uncrushed) used oil filters from lube shops, auto repair shops, maintenance garages, and other automotive facilities. We offer 55 gallon drum service - we'll even provide a drum for your used filters and pick them up as needed.  At each scheduled service interval the full drums of used oil filters are removed and replaced with empty containers.

The used oil filter drums are transported to our used oil processing facility located in Tacoma, Washington. The used oil filters are processed through our oil filter processing cuber. The cuber compresses the used oil filters with a total force of 190,000 lbs of pressure, forming oil filter bricks. The residual oil from this process is collected and reprocessed into our used oil recycling program. The metal bricks from this process are shipped out as scrap metal.

At APES, we make it our goal to provide exceptional customer service. Please call us if you need some used oil filters picked up and recycled!