Used Oil Collections and Recycling

With over 15 route collections and transport tanker trucks servicing Washington, Portland, Idaho and Canada, APES has established itself as a state of the art environmental collector, recycler, and processing facility. Collection centers are facilities that accept small amounts of used oil and store it until enough is collected to ship it elsewhere for recycling. Collection centers typically accept used oil from multiple sources that include both businesses and individuals. With our collection and recycling service, we can set you up on regular-scheduled service pickups, eliminating the need for you to call us for service. On each service pickup the used oil is tested prior to pumping to ensure it meets the Federal Used Oil Standards, per 40 CFR 279.11 (a) and applicable state requirements.

Used oil and spent antifreeze can be picked up in either drums or bulk in any quantity to be recycled at our APES refinery located in Portland, Oregon. 

In some cases, we sell our used oil to industrial businesses where it is processed, which involves removing water and particulates so that used oil can be burned as fuel to generate heat or to power industrial operations. This form of recycling is not as preferable as methods that reuse the material because it only enables the oil to be reused once. Nonetheless, valuable energy is provided (about the same as provided by normal heating oil).