Learn About American Petroleum Environmental Services

Meet the Team

Mike Mazza – President, Founder

Mike’s strategic perspective and in-depth market knowledge has been instrumental in transforming business opportunity into industrial business growth. He leads a team committed to delivering performance excellence. Prior to the establishment of APES, Inc. in early 2003, his experience in used oil collections and recycling was developed through progressively responsible sales and management positions at various positions within industry.  He built his knowledge base of developing and implementing used oil collections and recycling programs within the greater Puget Sound Region. 

Shannon Mazza – Vice President

Shannon rounds out the management team with responsibilities for marketing, financials and company image. She provides strategic leadership for the development of the service line so that a full continuum of services is created and structured in response to customer needs. She guides the development of the overall leadership structure and strategic plan and create goals and plans for quality and financial management of the company. Contact Shannon Mazza at 253-508-9131 or email smazza@apes-inc.com

AJ Gordon – Chief Financial Officer

AJ joined the team in 2009 and brought over a decade of banking and finance experience with him.  As the CFO he is responsible for overseeing all banking and investment relationships, analyzing the company’s financial performance, setting budgets, managing expense controls, evaluating potential business acquisitions, and insuring sustainable strategic growth.  Contact AJ Gordon at 253-538-5252 or email ajgordon@apes-inc.com 

Janis Graves – General Manager

Janis joined the team in 2007 and uses her 25+ years experience in the industry to oversee the day-to-day activities associated with the office administration.  This includes: Accounting – Receivables, Billing & Payables, Purchasing, Human Resources, Transportation Administration, Route Dispatch andRegulatory Reporting and Compliance.  Contact Janis Graves at 253-538-5252 or email jgraves@apes-inc.com 

Terry Magruder – Sales Manager

Terry joined our team and brought with him a vast knowledge of the services uniquely tailored to the automotive aftermarket: parts washers and related waste recycling, used oil and used oil filter collection and recycling. Terry also possesses a natural ability to successfully question and understand a customer's goal, generate and close leads, educate prospects, fill needs and satisfy wants of consumers appropriately. Terry uses complex sales techniques where the customer often plays a more pro-active role, often requiring proposal response to their Request for Proposal (RFP).Contact Terry Magruder at 253-606-7205 or email tmagruder@apes-inc.com

Kristi Hunt– Facilities Manager - Portland Refinery

Kristi was hired on as Office Manager at our Portland Refinery in early 2013 and quickly became a lead for the refinery.  With an extensive background as an Operations Manager, she was promoted to Facilities Manager of the refinery, handling a variety of responsibilities including: trasnportation, regulatory compliance and inventory control. Contact Kristi Hunt at 503-894-0180 or email khunt@apes-inc.com

Byron Jerome – Route Driver Manager

Manages dayto day operation of route services, ensuring American Petroleum EnvironmentalService (APES) customers receive the highest level of service in theindustry.  While maintaining a high levelof efficiency and productivity, the route manager works closely with the salesteam to ensure that all customers are receiving the services they deserve in a timely manner.  Directly supervises all route drivers and holds each driver accountable to maintaining the high standards of customer services and professionalism as set forth byAPES by example, training and respect for each driver.The route manager actively maintains the truck fleet performance through routine maintenance, while following strict APES and federal safety guidelines.  Contact Byron Jerome at 253-686-1532 or email bjerome@apes-inc.com

Eugene Mazza – Fleet loading\Offloading Manager - Tacoma

Egene joined our team at Apes in 2011.  He acquired his competency in the field through work experience and education within the industry.   Eugene is in charge of the flow of all recyclable streams coming in to and out of the plant per compliance standards.  He also manages our Trinity product lines.  Eugene’s in depth knowledge of the facility is a vital part of making our daily business successful.  Contact Eugene Mazza at 772-538-3511 or email emazza@apes-inc.com


Our Mission

To collect used oil from the Puget Sound, Portland, and Canadian Regions. Process this resource into a new and higher quality product that conserves existing resources and is environmentally friendly. Aggressively market this environmentally friendly service while promoting the benefits of using of the finished product.