About Oil Recycling

Used Oil Recycling develops and promotes alternatives to the illegal disposal of used oil by establishing a statewide network of collection opportunities and undertaking outreach efforts to inform and motivate the public to recycle used oil.

Used oil is exactly what its name implies, any petroleum-based or synthetic that has been used. During normal use, impurities such as dirt, metal scrapings, water or chemicals, can get mixed in with the oil, so that in time, the oil no longer performs well. Eventually, this used oil must be replaced with virgin or re-refined oil to do the job correctly. Read more ...

Who We Are

Collection trucks

American Petroleum Environmental Services, Inc.

At American Petroleum Environmental Services we offer a variety of collection and transport services to suit your needs.

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Oil refinery

Portland Refinery

At our refinery we re-refine used oil into a variety of petroleum products. 

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